Where Can Movable Walls Be Used?

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Movable walls

Our movable walls are most commonly found in schools, colleges and universities. They can be utilised to make a segment between two nearby classrooms, or split one enormous room into two

more modest rooms for smaller classes or groups. They could likewise be utilised in big halls so you can have two separate spaces for PE or dance classes, yet have one enormous space for congregations, tests or school plays. With a multi-use item like a movable wall in place, the options are endless!


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, movable walls have become increasingly popular in places of work. Movable walls can provide flexibility to workspaces to ensure that room designs can be altered to ensure that social distancing remains in place in the work environment. Movable glass partitions have proved to be hugely popular in offices as they can retain light and still provide an open plan feel when closed. Social distancing does not need to mean ‘isolation’ when you consider the flexibility a movable wall can provide for your staff and their preferences.

Meeting & Conference Rooms

Our movable walls can be introduced into meeting rooms to give the end client the most extreme adaptability of meeting room sizes. You can have an open arrangement room for the bigger meetings or alternatively you can lock the movable wall into place to provide 2 separate spaces for smaller meetings. Our high dB rating acoustic operable walls ensure that meetings are kept discreet with very little to no sound travel between rooms.

Sports & Leisure Facilities

Since our establishment at the turn of the millennium, Midland Movable Walls have installed sliding partitions in Sporting Facilities on a number of occasions. Our walls can be found in Sports Stadiums including pitch side boxes at Premier League football grounds and also larger operable walls in plush Suites for private functions and awards nights.

Movable walls are also of use in sporting changing rooms for larger team activities or for when genders and age groups need to be separated.

We have also installed taller panels in the Halls of Leisure Centres to turn 11-a-side football pitches into 5-a-side football pitches within minutes. Gone are the days of tripping over bench and curtain barriers.

You will also find movable walls in:

  • Hospitals
  • Retirement Homes
  • Care Homes
  • Community Centres
  • Religious Buildings
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Local authority buildings
  • And many more venues where space management is key.

Which Movable Walls Are Right for Your Business?

At Midland Movable Walls, we have various distinctive versatile room dividing walls that all have various uses and advantages. Peruse our past blog to discover which versatile dividers are appropriate for your business.