Replace & refurbish

Glass operable wall

Replace & Refurbish

Here at MMW we also offer the ability to rejuvenate movable walls through our comprehensive refurbishment package.

You do not have to replace the wall in its entirety to improve its aesthetics and acoustic performance. We have solutions that will revitalise your wall and create the ambiance you want to keep with the rest of the rooms surroundings.

Panel faces can be repaired, replaced or covered, ensuring that a tired looking wall is cost-efficiently brought back to life. Additionally, we can also provide extra sound proofing to each individual panel to increase the dB rating & enhance the acoustic performance of your movable wall.
Replace & Refurbish

Redesign your system by selecting from our extensive range of finishes including:

  • Stretch fabric
  • Muraspec
  • Textura
  • Carpet
  • Graphic
  • Wipe Boards
  • Digital print

Alternatively choose your own bespoke digitally printed design, that we can transfer to the existing system allowing for infinite possibilities.
Technical specifications available upon request.

Brockhouse 600 Series operable wall
Sliding folding wall SF70
Replace & Refurbish

Door panel requirements:

Due to room rearrangements or health and safety audits we are regularly asked if a door panel can be integrated into your existing movable wall.

The short answer is YES, we can insert any door or vision panels into a movable wall system regardless of the manufacturer of your existing product.