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by | Jun 3, 2021 | Movable walls

What Are Movable Walls?

Often called retractable walls, sliding doors or moving partitions. These products are a very popular solution to many of the space issues facing schools, offices and commercial buildings these days. They allow spaces to be divided quickly and easily but also allow them to open back up when a larger space is required. Where space is at a premium, movable walls allow classrooms, office and commercial spaces to fulfill different requirements with ease.

What is the purpose of movable walls:

The purpose of movable walls is generally to transform a large space into smaller spaces with minimal effort. For example, a movable wall can divide a school hall into different multi-purpose areas simultaneous physical activities or split a large conference facility into smaller seminar rooms. When they are not needed, the partitions are folded, moved or concealed in a space efficient manner.

What are the most popular movable wall systems?

Operable walls and sliding folding partitions are the most popular systems to be installed across the UK. This is because they are the easiest to use and can also form solid, safe walls when locked into place preventing any hazards if they are leant upon. Both systems also offer the highest dB ratings to ensure that sound travel between rooms is kept to a very minimum.

How do movable walls work?

Simply put, our products are made up of individual panels which move on track and trolleys. Each wall is typically made up of floor to ceiling panels with a small gap top and bottom to allow the panels to be moved. These gaps are then taken up by an internal seal which can be extended to lock the panels into place or an external soundproofing rubber seal depending on the system. For operable walls, a horizontal telescopic nosepiece is used as the last element to form a complete solid wall.

Why are movable walls a popular option?

Movable walls are great for removing the restriction of fixed walls. They can also make the boundaries between spaces almost irrelevant. Movable walls are best suited to classrooms, offices and commercial spaces because they allow people to move in and out of a space easily. Other benefits include letting in light to rooms where natural light is at a shortage and also movable walls can prevent the eyesore of equipment and clutter! Small and large items can be easily accessed or hidden away behind a sliding wall, giving an otherwise cluttered space a sleek and efficient appearance.

Are there different types of movable walls?

There are many different types of movable walls available depending on the different size or application that a building or office will require. All of our products’ finishes offer various colors and styles that give the rooms and spaces a modern, sophisticated, and always updated look.


These walls are not only handy in creating more room in classrooms & offices, but they can also be put to good use in creating more flexibility in many commercial spaces. Sliding walls can also serve as great dividers to set up various meeting spaces or flexible walls where you can create more room without taking up any additional floor space. What’s more, when properly placed, movable walls can make spaces feel more open and allow offices and commercial spaces to accommodate a wide variety of needs.